The Yorkshire Exmoor Pony Trust

Registered Charity No. 1104675


...and Welcome to YEPT! Founded in 2003, we are a charitable organisation dedicated to developing a herd of Exmoor Ponies whilst managing areas around Yorkshire through conservation grazing. We have ponies grazing all over Yorkshire, promoting this rare and fabulous breed, whilst the ponies do a great job conserving and enhancing the flora of the areas in which they graze, encouraging new and refreshed natural environments to thrive around them for us to enjoy.

We are a charitable non-profit organisation run purely by a voluntary committee. We rely on volunteer help and goodwill to keep costs to a minimum.

At the moment we have 20 ponies, some of which belong to YEPT and others that are on long term loan. Have a look on the photo page to find out more!

 The pony above is 409/1 Freod Peregrine Falcon, Perry to his friends, a young gelding who is proving to be a wonderful asset to the grazing team. His sire is Don Quixote who has sired many of the younger YEPT ponies, and Perry's dam is Tilgate Meadow Pipit, a very pretty mare on loan to YEPT for a number of years, who has now returned to her owner. Perry is pictured at Burdale, south of Malton, which was our main winter grazing area. The ponies have brought the scrub on the inaccessible steep sides of the dale under control so that the area now provides much better summer grazing for a herd of cattle.

 Explore our website and find out more about YEPT, our work and our ponies.